Care, Maintenance, & Warranty

The most common question is “How do we take care of it?”

With the right care and a little time your new furniture can look amazing and will last for a lifetime.

All our furniture is oiled to enhance its natural colour and protect it from the elements. With time the furniture will naturally silver with age if left unstained. This is a popular look.

Otherwise to keep this from happening additional coats should be applied annually to keep it looking new and protect the timber from the weather.

To reapply additional coats of oil no sanding is necessary.  A good clean to remove stains and grime is all that’s needed before additional coats can be applied.

Will my Macrocarpa crack?

All timber cracks and splits, this is normal and a natural part of timber weathering. As the moisture releases, Macrocarpa gains cracks. This has no impact on the structural strength of the timber. The timber we use for our furniture has been aired dried for a minimum of 2 years.

Warranty: In the unlikely event of product failure – The Macro Factory offers a 2 year repair or replace warranty with all our macrocarpa furniture when it is returned to our factory.

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